Accountability Data

Texas Education Agency Accountability Ratings

          Accountability Rating Determination

2015-2016 District Accountability Summary
2015-2016 CES Accountability Summary
2015-2016 CIS Accountability Summary
2015-2016 CMS Accountability Summary
2015-2016 CHS Accountability Summary


      Testing Data - Texas Academic Performance Report

2015-2016 CES TAPR
2015-2016 CIS TAPR
2015-2016 CMS TAPR
2015-2016 CHS TAPR
2015-2016 CISD District TAPR

                             TEA School Report Cards

2015-2016 CES School Report Card
2015-2016 CIS School Report Card
2015-2016 CMS School Report Card
2015-2016 CHS School Report Card​

For those who would like greater detail about the information in the SRC, the 2015-16 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Glossary is a useful resource. It contains definitions and methodologies for all the information included in the SRC.  The data in the SRC is a subset of that published in the TAPR. The TAPR Glossary is available on the TEA Website at ​​
                           Federal School Report Cards

2014-2015 CES Federal Report Card
2014-2015 CIS Federal Report Card
2014-2015 CMS Federal Report Card
2014-2015 CHS Federal Report Card
2014-2015 CISD Federal Report Card
2014-2015 State Federal Report Card

            Texas School Accountability Dashboard

The dashboard is designed to provide the public with easily accessible accountability information, includes the four indexes that are the basis for the state's accountability system and gives a summary of state, district, and school performance.

                             HB 5 Survey Results

HB 5 requires that each district evaluate the district's performance and the performance of each campus in the district on community and student engagement (8 factors) and in policy compliance (1 factor).  These are the results of our surveys.
 2017 District Survey Results
2017 CES Survey Results
2017 CIS Survey Results
2017 CMS Survey Results
2017 CHS Survey Results

                 Case Ratings Criteria Links
District Case Criteria
CHS Case Criteria
CMS Case Criteria
CIS Case Criteria
CES Case Criteria

2015-2016 Texas Performance Reporting System 

In the left-hand menu on the opening screen, select whether you wish to view the data by state, region, district, or campus, then scroll through to find the report.

Texas Consolidated School Rating Report (TCSR)


The Texas Consolidated School Accountability Report (TCSR) provides a summary of the community and student engagement ratings for districts and campuses, along with state accountability ratings with Distinction Designations, and Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) ratings.

Snapshot 2015

  2015 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS)