Hornet Football Honors

All District Offense:

Domonique Chambers - 1st Team Running Back
William DeLeon - 1st Team Fullback
A.J. Zboril - 1st Team Wide Reveiver
Keyshawn Chambers - 2nd Team Running Back
Tucker Ellsworth - 2nd Team Tight End
Ray Flores - 2nd Team Guard
Andrew Telg - 2nd Team Tackle


All District Defense:

Keanu Robinson - 1st Team Tackle
Tucker Ellsworth - 1st Team End
William DeLeon - 1st Team Inside Lindbacker
Devin Morris - 1st Team Corner
A.J. Zboril - 1st Team Safety
Ray Flores - 2nd Team Tackle
Andrew Telg - 2nd Team End
Shamar Green - 2nd Team Safety


All District Special Teams:

Domonique Chambers - 1st Team Return Specialist
Will Faust - 2nd Team Punter


Bobby Jack Goforth - Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

Cullen Stifflemire - Offensive Coordinator
Craig Smith - Offensive Line & Defensive Tackles
Kirby Macik - Linebackers & Running Backs
Justin Hale - Wide Receivers
Casey McDaniel - Defensive Ends & Offensive Line
Kyle Toney - Defensive Backs

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2016 Caldwell Hornet Football


Caldwell High School, the faculty, staff, and students want to congratulate the Caldwell Hornets Football Team on an incredible season.

The Hornets competed as champions through injuries and adversity all season to make the playoffs. They never gave up Friday night and showed their HORNET PRIDE all through the game Friday night.

To each and every member of the Hornet Football Team and their coaches THANK YOU FOR GIVING ALL YOU HAD!