College Planning Guide for Middle School Parents

If you have a child in grades 6–8, you are probably encountering many new challenges and surprises as your adolescent begins to mature. Among the changes in academics, social behavior and motivation, students must now begin to think ahead to high school and beyond!

Research shows that almost 90% of all parents expect their child to go to college. Middle school students consistently say their parents are their primary source of information about college planning. Because the college preparation process can be complicated, this guide was designed to help you and your child in their quest to make college become their dream and that dream a reality!

In the guide, you will find information about various ways parents can support their child in middle school and establish a foundation for successful high school completion and postsecondary education. A list of helpful online resources is located in the back of this guide. And remember, you can always find more help and resources at the middle school guidance counselor’s office!

Guide: College Planning Guide for Middle School Parents